Commit c354779f authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Notify called if moving a port into control vlan fails cause its not

in an experimental control vlan; allows the caller to retry with force
parent 5c29f710
......@@ -1451,7 +1451,9 @@ sub doMakeVlan($$@) {
foreach my $port (@ports) {
my $vlan = VLan->FindVlanByPort($experiment, $port);
if (!defined($vlan)) {
die("$port is not in a vlan object\n");
print STDERR "$port is not in a vlan object\n";
# Tell caller.
if (defined($source_vlan) && !$vlan->SameVlan($source_vlan)) {
die("Ports must be in a single vlan\n");
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