Commit c2d627d4 authored by Russ Fish's avatar Russ Fish
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Use the installed rdesktop program if it's there.

parent 3ebab1e5
......@@ -97,10 +97,21 @@ if (!defined($hostname)) {
# But once an rdesktop is started up, its display resolution is fixed. If you make it
# smaller than the previous one, it will push your windows around to fit.
my $rd = 'cd ~fish/misc/rdesktop/rdesktop-1.3.1; ./rdesktop -K -g 1280x1024';
my $rdir = "/usr/local/share/rdesktop";
my $rdcmd = "rdesktop";
if (! -d $rdir) {
$rdir = "~fish/misc/rdesktop/rdesktop-1.3.1";
my $rdcmd = "cd $rdir; ./rdesktop";
die(" No rdesktop directory found.\n")
if (! -d $rdir);
# Customize -g resolution and -a colordepth to taste.
my $rdargs = "-K -g 1280x1024 -a 16";
if (!defined($gateway)) {
exec "$rd $login $pswd $hostname &";
exec "$rdcmd $rdargs $login $pswd $hostname &";
else {
die("No proxying yet.\n");
die(" No proxying yet.\n");
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