Commit c292ac58 authored by Kevin Atkinson's avatar Kevin Atkinson
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Fix bug so that the "ez" newimageid form can correctly create a global

parent b46303fa
......@@ -371,6 +371,8 @@ if ($isadmin &&
exists($newimageid_args{"global"}) &&
$newimageid_args{"global"} eq "1") {
$global = 1;
} else {
delete $newimageid_args{"global"};
my $shared = 0;
......@@ -561,9 +563,14 @@ delete($newimageid_args{"path"});
# Cross-connect: Make the os descriptor first with the imagename, then take
# the osid index and use it as the imageid index as well.
$newimageid_args{"ezid"} = 1;
# OSInfo->Create args not quite the same as Image->Create ones so copy
# newimageid_args into a new hash and fix up values.
my %newosid_args = %newimageid_args;
$newosid_args{"shared"} = $newimageid_args{"global"}
if exists $newimageid_args{"global"};
my $usrerr;
my $new_osinfo = OSinfo->Create($project, $this_user, $imagename,
\%newimageid_args, \$usrerr);
\%newosid_args, \$usrerr);
if (defined($usrerr));
fatal("Could not create new OSID!")
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