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Commit c15290d0 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Fix up for swapmod problem. Basically, you can swapmod a swapped out

experiment (multiple times) or even a preloaded experiment (never been
swapped). Well, if the first thing you see in an interval is a
swapmod, then you have no idea if the experiment was actually swapped
in at that time, and counts as an experiment using its nodes! So,
have to go back before the interval and look at the previous stat
records. As Mac points out, a better solution might be to store this
info in the stat record itself, but I want to think about this first.
parent 0ce17546
......@@ -319,7 +319,7 @@ function showrange ($showby, $sortby, $range) {
$query_result =
DBQueryFatal("select,s.eid,t.uid,t.action, ".
DBQueryFatal("select,s.eid,t.uid,t.action,t.exptidx, ".
" r1.pnodes as pnodes1,r2.pnodes as pnodes2, ".
" UNIX_TIMESTAMP(t.tstamp) as ttstamp ".
" from testbed_stats as t ".
......@@ -341,6 +341,7 @@ function showrange ($showby, $sortby, $range) {
$pid = $row["pid"];
$eid = $row["eid"];
$uid = $row["uid"];
$idx = $row["exptidx"];
$tstamp = $row["ttstamp"];
$action = $row["action"];
$pnodes = $row["pnodes1"];
......@@ -349,6 +350,35 @@ function showrange ($showby, $sortby, $range) {
if ($pnodes == 0)
# If a swapmod, and there is no record, one of two things. Either
# it was swapped in before the interval, or the experiment was
# was swapped out, and the user did a swapmod on it. We need to
# know that, since swapmod of a swapped out experiment does not
# count!
if ($action == "swapmod" &&
! isset($expt_start["$pid:$eid"])) {
$swapper_result =
DBQueryFatal("select action from testbed_stats ".
"where exptidx=$idx and ".
" UNIX_TIMESTAMP(tstamp)<$tstamp ".
"order by tstamp desc");
while ($srow = mysql_fetch_assoc($swapper_result)) {
$saction = $srow["action"];
if ($saction != "swapmod")
if (!$srow ||
($saction == "swapout" || $saction == "preload"))
if ($debug)
echo "M $pid $eid $idx $saction<br>\n";
if (!isset($pid_summary[$pid])) {
$pid_summary[$pid] = array('pnodes' => 0,
'pseconds' => 0,
......@@ -363,7 +393,7 @@ function showrange ($showby, $sortby, $range) {
if ($debug)
echo "$pid $eid $uid $tstamp $action $pnodes<br>\n";
echo "$idx $pid $eid $uid $tstamp $action $pnodes<br>\n";
switch ($action) {
case "start":
......@@ -390,14 +420,15 @@ function showrange ($showby, $sortby, $range) {
# no start/swapin event was returned. Add a record for it.
$diff = $tstamp - $spanstart;
if ($debug)
echo "M $pid $eid $uid $action $diff $pnodes $pnodes2<br>";
if ($action == "swapmod") {
# A pain. We need the number of pnodes for the original
# version of the experiment, not the new version.
$pnodes = $pnodes2;
if ($debug)
echo "S $pid $eid $uid $action $diff $pnodes $pnodes2<br>\n";
$pid_summary[$pid]["pnodes"] += $pnodes;
$pid_summary[$pid]["pseconds"] += $pnodes * $diff;
$pid_summary[$pid]["eseconds"] += $diff;
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