Commit c12ed4ab authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Send along the new NS file in email for successful swapmod.

parent 859a9986
......@@ -663,7 +663,8 @@ SENDMAIL("$user_name <$user_email>",
($idleswap ? $TBOPS : "$user_name <$user_email>"),
"Cc: $expt_head_name <$expt_head_email>\n".
"Bcc: $TBLOGS",
(($inout eq "restart") ? ($logname) : ($repfile, $logname)));
(($inout eq "restart") ? ($logname) :
(($repfile, $logname), (defined($modnsfile) ? ($modnsfile) : ()))));
exit 0;
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