Commit bfa5a60a authored by Grant Ayers's avatar Grant Ayers

Fixed a path error and clarified a step.

parent 29a4e734
......@@ -54,7 +54,8 @@ then try the 4.7 versions. If the 6.2 version don't work because it appears
that your hardware is not supported, then contact Utah for more help.
In summary, I recommend:
pxeboot62/pxeboot.emu-{sio,vga} (pick one and rename to "pxeboot.emu")
pxeboot62/pxeboot.emu-{sio,vga} (pick one and rename to "pxeboot.emu",
then move it to /tftpboot)
frisbee62 (rename to "frisbee")
freebsd62 (rename to "freebsd")
freebsd62.newnode (rename to "freebsd.newnode")
......@@ -80,7 +81,7 @@ to add some database state. This is done using the "load-descriptors"
script in your Emulab build tree:
cd <your-elab-build-dir>/install
./load-descriptors <your-elab-source-dir>/<descriptor-file>
./load-descriptors <your-elab-source-dir>/install/<descriptor-file>
<descriptor-file> is either "descriptors.sql" or "descriptors-new.sql"
depending on whether you are going to load FreeBSD4+Redhat9 or
......@@ -97,4 +98,4 @@ then use "descriptors-new.sql", otherwise use "descriptors.sql".
that of the disk images, and get rid of this confusing step...)
[ This file is a copy of doc/customize-mfs.txt in the Emulab source tree. ]
[ Last updated 06/26/08 ]
[ Last updated 07/08/08 ]
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