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Add quotamail commit.

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newbold 2003/04/09 16:07:12 MDT
Modified files:
. configure defs-barb-emulab
defs-barb-mini defs-calfeld-emulab
defs-default defs-example
defs-kwebb-emulab defs-mini
defs-newbold-emulab defs-newbold-macdb
defs-newbold-mini defs-rchriste-emulab
defs-ricci-emulab defs-ricci-mini
defs-shash-emulab defs-shash-mini
defs-stoller-emulab defs-stoller-home
defs-stoller-mini defs-uky defs-wide
Added files:
Add new script to notify users when they are over their quota. Runs from
cron daily, on the fs node (ops) as root. Uses lots of configure variables
so that it does the right thing in any installation, without any
One possible caveat regarding quotas: If FS_NODE != USERNODE, they don't
have a login on the fs machine. So checking their quota won't work unless
the rpc.rquotad(8) daemon is running on FS_NODE, which we currently don't
In order to do this right, I had to add a new configure var,
FS_WITH_QUOTAS, that has a space separated list of file systems that have
quotas enabled. (Ie the default is 'FS_WITH_QUOTAS="/q /users"'.) It
doesn't have any default, since I couldn't come up with a reasonable one.
All the defs files have been updated appropriately to define this new
mike 2003/04/09 15:18:00 MDT
Semi-major frisbee overhaul:
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