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Added wifi node information and removed references to the DNARDs.

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......@@ -64,18 +64,26 @@ Antec IPC3480B, with 300W PS and extra fan.
<a name="tbshark"></a>
<li><em>(Currently unavailable)</em><br>
160 diskless <a href = "">
Compaq DNARD "Sharks"</a> edge nodes (<b>sh[1-20]-[1-8]</b>),
consisting of:
<a name="tbpc3000"></a>
<li>18 <a href=shownodetype.php3?node_type=pc3000>pc3000</a>
wireless PC nodes (<b>pcwf1-18</b>), consisting of:
<li> 3.0GHz Intel Pentium 4 processors.
<li> 1GB DDR-400MHz (PC3200) SDRAM.
<li> 2 <a href="">Netgear WAG311
802.11a/b/g</a> (Atheros) wifi cards.
<li> 2 Ethernet ports:
<li> 233 Mhz StrongARM processors.
<li> 32MB RAM.
<li> 1 10Mbps ethernet interface.
<li>1 <a href="">Intel
Pro 1000</a> 10/100/1000Mbps builtin on the motherboard.
<li>1 <a
EtherExpress Pro/100 S</a> 10/100Mbps Ethernet card.
<li> 2 Western Digital WDXL80 120GB 7200RPM Serial ATA hard drives.
<li> Floppy and CD-ROM drive.
......@@ -197,11 +205,4 @@ The fifth ethernet port on each PC is connected to the
processor and disk use, and bandwidth on the PCI bus.
The DNARD Sharks are arranged by "shelves." A shelf holds 8 sharks
each of which is connected by a 10Mbps link to an
8+2 10/100 ethernet switch from Asante. The Asante switches
are connected via a 100Mbps link to the testbed backplane.
Thus each shelf of 8 sharks
is capable of generating up to 80Mbps to the backplane.
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