Commit be7c5fe2 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Require tmcd version 33 for "doblobs".

This way I don't have to bother with backward compat for frisbee distribution
of blobs.
parent be3a6449
......@@ -3250,6 +3250,18 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(doblobs)
char buf[MYBUFSIZE];
char *bufp = buf, *ebufp = &buf[sizeof(buf)];
* Frisbee blobs did exist prior to version 33, but the infrastructure
* was not deployed on more than a couple of images and only at Utah.
* So we are not going to bother with frisbee backward compat changes
* and just require that all images have the new frisbee master server
* infrastructure.
if (vers < 33) {
error("BLOBS: %s: requires new frisbee, rebuild image!\n",
return 1;
res = mydb_query("select path,action from experiment_blobs "
" where exptidx=%d order by idx",
2, reqp->exptidx);
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