Commit bceb5ff5 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Handle whitespace in systemd-networkd lease info files.

We cannot simply source into the shell; must stringify values with
parent ae622a3d
......@@ -93,13 +93,20 @@ fi
# /run/systemd/netif/leases/<ifindex> file has what we need.
mkdir -p $BOOTDIR
mkdir -p /run/emulab
ifindex=`cat /sys/class/net/$iface/ifindex`
if [ -e /run/systemd/netif/leases/$ifindex ]; then
echo "`date`: ${iface}: writing cnet metadata in $BOOTDIR" >>$LOGFILE 2>&1
. /run/systemd/netif/leases/$ifindex
sed -re 's/^([^=]*)=(.*\s+.*)/\1="\2"/' /run/systemd/netif/leases/$ifindex \
> /run/emulab/control-netif-lease
. /run/emulab/control-netif-lease
elif [ -e /run/systemd/netif/leases/* ]; then
echo "`date`: ${iface}: unexpected leases file with mismatched ifindex; attempting to use anyway to write cnet metadata in $BOOTDIR" >>$LOGFILE 2>&1
. /run/systemd/netif/leases/*
for f in /run/systemd/netif/leases/* ; do
sed -re 's/^([^=]*)=(.*\s+.*)/\1="\2"/' $f \
>> /run/emulab/control-netif-lease
. /run/emulab/control-netif-lease
echo "`date`: ${iface}: no leases file in /run/systemd/netif/leases; cannot write cnet metadata in $BOOTDIR; failing!" >>$LOGFILE 2>&1
exit 1
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