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Add pc2400c2 and pc2000w to parms list.

Add basic test of the event system and program agents.
parent b1f8d5de
Simple single node experment to test basic things about the node currently:
program-agent and event system
Expands to 4 tests one for each pc:
......@@ -21,4 +21,15 @@ eval tb-set-node-tarfiles $node $tb
tb-set-node-startcmd $node @DATADIR@/
set prog_simple [$node program-agent -command "touch prog_simple-ok" -dir "/tmp"]
set prog_env [$node program-agent -command "@DATADIR@/"]
set doit [$ns event-sequence {
$prog_simple run
$prog_env run
$ns at 0.0 "$doit start"
$ns run
hardware: pc600 pc850 pc2000 pc3000 pc3000w
hardware: pc600 pc850 pc2000 pc3000 pc2400c2 pc3000w pc2400w
......@@ -10,5 +10,9 @@ test_rcmd 'tgz', ['tar'], 'node', 'test -e /usr/tgz/hw.txt';
test_rcmd 'tar.gz', ['tar'], 'node', 'test -e /usr/tar.gz/hw.txt';
test_rcmd 'tar.bz2', ['tar'], 'node', 'test -e /usr/tar.bz2/hw.txt';
test_rcmd 'startcmd', [], 'node', 'test -e /tmp/startcmd-ok';
print "Sleeping 5 seconds...\n";
sleep 5;
test_rcmd 'prog_simple', [], 'node', 'test -e /tmp/prog_simple-ok';
test_rcmd 'prog_env', [], 'node', "test -e /tmp/testenv-$parms{pid}-$parms{eid}";
test_cmd 'reboot', [], "node_reboot -w -e $parms{pid},$parms{eid}";
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