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Update Windows XP to-do list.

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......@@ -414,7 +414,7 @@ Some details remain to be documented: <br>
</ul> </li>
<li> Shared directories: <code>/share</code>,
<code>/group/&lt;pid&gt;/&lt;gid&gt;</code>. </li>
<li> Bug: One protection mask for everything in a whole mount/share under
......@@ -508,29 +508,18 @@ There are still some things left to do: <br>
<li>The <i>Elvin</i> event system, and hence <code>progagent</code>, is
not yet running. </li>
<li> Access to shares under ssh without having to type a password. </li>
<li> <code>syncerver</code>, <code>slothd</code> and
<code>healthd</code>. </li>
<li> Emulab <code>syncerver</code> and <code>slothd</code>. </li>
<li> <code>linktest</code> </li>
<li> Add a topomap distribution option to NFS for <code>rtproto
Static</code>. </li>
<li> <code>gated</code> or equivelant OSPF daemon for <code>rtproto
Session</code>. </li>
<li> Password and ssh keys both working (hopefully.) </li>
<li> Use Sysprep (MS WADS) for multi-hardware XP images. </li>
<li> Console support (<code>agetty</code> serial line speed 115.2kb doesn't
work.) </li>
<li> No such thing as load averages, see the Task Manager/Performance
tab. </li>
work?) </li>
<li> Automate production of <i>Windows XP</i> images for Emulab. </li>
<li> Dynamic routing support for <code>rtproto Session</code>? </li>
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