Commit bc775dee authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Fix up disk-agent method to reflect change made to the object.

parent c630346d
......@@ -709,16 +709,15 @@ Node instproc program-agent {args} {
Node instproc disk-agent {args} {
::GLOBALS::named-args $args {
-name {} -type {} -mountpoint {} -params {} -cmd {}
-type {} -mountpoint {} -parameters {} -command {}
set curdisk [new Disk [$self set sim]]
set curdisk [new Disk [$self set sim]]
$curdisk set node $self
$curdisk set name $(-name)
$curdisk set type $(-type)
$curdisk set mountpoint $(-mountpoint)
$curdisk set params $(-params)
$curdisk set cmd $(-cmd)
$curdisk set parameters $(-parameters)
$curdisk set command $(-command)
return $curdisk
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