Commit bba44e9a authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Add a note about setting up the exports line for /share on ops.

parent e99640e0
......@@ -123,3 +123,12 @@ archive files, one per line.
hosts file - It's a good idea to put boss' name/IP address in /etc/hosts - ops
is usually booted before boss (since the latter NFS mounts the former), so this
will help things that want to look up boss' name before it boots.
Sharing the /share directory - we export the /share/ directory on ops read-only
to all of the nodes in the testbed. Put a line like this at the end of your
/etc/exports.head file:
/share -network 155.101.128 -mask -alldirs -maproot=root
... except that you'll want to replace that network and netmask with the one
your nodes reside in. Then, copy /etc/exports.head to /etc/exports .
Once you're done with all of this, reboot ops.
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