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A couple more caveats: no native 64-bit images yet, interrupt throttling.

Also add names of machines to table of how-many-have-what-nics.
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......@@ -26,11 +26,11 @@ however due to lack of Gb switch ports, not all are usable at Gb speeds.
Instead, they are a mix of 100Mb and 1Gb as follows:
Machines Gb ports 100Mb ports
40 4 0
20 3 1
40 2 2
60 1 3
# of Machines Gb ports 100Mb ports Machine names
40 4 0 pc201-pc240
20 3 1 pc241-pc260
40 2 2 pc281-pc320
60 1 3 pc261-pc280, pc321-pc360
Note that all 160 machines have at least 1 Gb interface and all can be
used for 100Mb as well.
......@@ -110,4 +110,13 @@ images.
currently possible. We plan to upgrade our Linux and FreeBSD 5 images
to support SMP in the near future as well as address the 4.x SMP issue
for standard images.
<li> <b>The nodes run in 32-bit mode.</b>
The processors in these machines are the Intel EM64T Xeons, but we have
not yet created 64-bit native versions of FreeBSD, Linux or Windows.
<li> <b>The network interfaces use "interrupt throttling."</b>
The Intel Pro1000 cards used for the experimental interfaces in
these machines default to using interrupt throttling. This will
add latency to packet delivery and reception. See the
<a href="">
knowledge base entry</a> for how to change or disable this feature.
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