Commit bb39d4e8 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Add nodetypeXpid_permissions table, which indicates what projects are

allowed to allocate a node type. An entry in this table means the type
is restricted; no entries means the type is unrestricted.

Add "isvirtnode" slot to node_types table so that we can put in
entries like pcvron, pcvroninet2, etc. Various parts of the testbed
software will check this flag.

Add phys_nodeid slot to nodes table, which maps a virtnode to its
physical nodes (vron23 maps to ron3). Set phys_nodeid=node_id for
normal testbed nodes.

Change type of priority in the nodes table to a plain int (from
smallint) since I added a bunch of nodes and spread the priority
numbers out pretty far.
parent 8e0a144f
......@@ -422,6 +422,7 @@ CREATE TABLE node_types (
control_iface text,
delay_osid varchar(35) default NULL,
pxe_boot_path text,
isvirtnode tinyint(4) NOT NULL default '0',
......@@ -446,6 +447,7 @@ CREATE TABLE nodelog (
node_id varchar(10) NOT NULL default '',
type varchar(30) NOT NULL default '',
phys_nodeid varchar(10) default NULL,
role enum('testnode','ctrlnode','testswitch','ctrlswitch','powerctrl','unused') NOT NULL default 'unused',
def_boot_osid varchar(35) NOT NULL default '',
def_boot_path text,
......@@ -460,7 +462,7 @@ CREATE TABLE nodes (
startupcmd tinytext,
startstatus tinytext,
ready tinyint(4) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
priority smallint(6) NOT NULL default '-1',
priority int(11) NOT NULL default '-1',
bootstatus enum('okay','failed','unknown') default 'unknown',
status enum('up','possibly down','down','unpingable') default NULL,
failureaction enum('fatal','nonfatal','ignore') NOT NULL default 'fatal',
......@@ -475,6 +477,16 @@ CREATE TABLE nodes (
PRIMARY KEY (node_id)
# Table structure for table 'nodetypeXpid_permissions'
CREATE TABLE nodetypeXpid_permissions (
type varchar(30) NOT NULL default '',
pid varchar(12) NOT NULL default '',
PRIMARY KEY (type,pid)
# Table structure for table 'nodeuidlastlogin'
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