Commit bb01665c authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Another skirmish in the on-going do/don't generate relocations battle.

For imagezip. Since I am the founding--and only--member of both camps,
I get to decide what is right! I am back to generating imagezip relocations
(for FreeBSD images only) since those images are just a big pile of bit-slag
if you want to load them anywhere other than their standard location.
parent 81a7e309
......@@ -84,7 +84,17 @@ my $maximagesize = (6 * 1024**3);
# relocations are always considered different for hash comparisons, so an
# otherwise empty FreeBSD delta image would have 64K of data in it.
my $zipperopts = "N";
# XXX change of heart: we now will generate relocations for FreeBSD
# partition images. I *have* had occasion to relocate these (e.g., loading
# them into a virtual disk for imagezip testing) and you just cannot use
# them without relocations. Adding the -N flag for other images is done
# later based on the def_boot_osid, so it won't try to do relocations for
# Linux or Windows or anything else.
# So, only add "N" here if you absolutely, positively cannot tolerate
# relocations anywhere!
my $zipperopts = "";
# Create a disk image.
......@@ -950,6 +960,25 @@ else {
$command .= " NEWSIGFILE=$id,sig";
# See whether we need the "no relocations" flag or not.
# We only include generate relocations for FreeBSD parititon images.
my $needrelocs = 0;
if ($image->loadpart()) {
my $pnode = Node->Lookup($node->phys_nodeid());
my $osinfo = OSinfo->Lookup($pnode->def_boot_osid());
if (defined($osinfo) && $osinfo->OS() eq "FreeBSD") {
$needrelocs = 1;
if (!$needrelocs) {
$zipperopts .= ","
if ($zipperopts);
$zipperopts .= "N";
if ($deltapct > 0) {
$zipperopts .= ","
if ($zipperopts);
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