Commit b9a243c9 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Copy in the topomap from the parent to the jail; to avoid each jail

trying to copy it via NFS.

Add code to restart the tmcc proxy, which appears to die off for no
apparent reason. I now waitpid for it while the jail is running, and
restart if it exits.

At Mike's suggestion temporarily wrap tmcc proxy in a ktrace to see if we
can debug this problem. The ktrace file (using -a option) is written as
parent a3b9b898
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ use Fcntl ':flock';
# Drag in path stuff so we can find emulab stuff. Also untaints path.
BEGIN { require "/etc/emulab/"; import emulabpaths; }
use libsetup qw(REMOTE LOCALROOTFS TBDebugTimeStamp);
use libsetup qw(REMOTE LOCALROOTFS TMTOPOMAP TBDebugTimeStamp);
use libtmcc;
......@@ -325,9 +325,26 @@ TBDebugTimeStamp("mkjail tmcc proxy is running");
$jailpid = fork();
if ($jailpid) {
# We do not really care about the exit status of the jail.
waitpid($jailpid, 0);
# We do not really care about the exit status of the jail. We want to catch
# any children, which includes the tmcc proxy. If it dies, something has
# gone wrong, and that appears to happen a lot. Lets restart it until we
# figure out what is going wrong.
while (1) {
my $kidpid = waitpid(-1, 0);
if ($kidpid == $jailpid) {
if ($kidpid == $tmccpid) {
print("TMCC proxy exited with status $?. Restarting ...\n");
print("Unknown child $kidpid exited with status $?!\n");
else {
......@@ -519,6 +536,9 @@ sub mkrootfs($)
TBDebugTimeStamp("mkjail copying the tmcc cache");
tmcccopycache($vnodeid, "$path/root");
if (-e TMTOPOMAP()) {
mysystem("cp -fp " . TMTOPOMAP() . " $path/root/var/emulab/boot");
# Stash the control net IP if not the same as the host IP
......@@ -685,6 +705,9 @@ sub restorerootfs($)
tmcccopycache($vnodeid, "$path/root");
if (-e TMTOPOMAP()) {
mysystem("cp -fp " . TMTOPOMAP() . " $path/root/var/emulab/boot");
# The proc FS in the jail is per-jail of course.
......@@ -780,6 +803,7 @@ sub startproxy($)
my ($dir) = @_;
my $log = "$dir/tmcc.log";
my $klog = "$dir/tmcc.ktrace";
# The point of these paths is so that there is a comman path to
......@@ -810,7 +834,7 @@ sub startproxy($)
# The -o option will cause the proxy to detach but not fork!
# Eventually change this to standard pid file kill.
exec("$TMCC -d -x $outsidepath -n $vnodeid -o $log");
exec("ktrace -i -a -f $klog $TMCC -d -x $outsidepath -n $vnodeid -o $log");
die("Exec of $TMCC failed! $!\n");
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