Commit b8f3d76e authored by Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong
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Advertise local interface URLs even for foreign interfaces.

After today's discussion on the ops-monitoring teleconference, where
the understanding was that this is the proper interpretation.  (When
two sites describe the same interface, the two URNs must match exactly;
in contrast, whatever URLs are advertised "belong" to the site
describing it.)
parent 8dd50a3b
......@@ -203,14 +203,7 @@ sub AddInterfaceVlan($$$$$) {
my ($linkid,$idomain,$iface,$tag,$ts) = @_;
my $url;
if( $idomain eq $DOMAIN ) {
$url = "$URL/info/interfacevlan/${idomain}_interface_${iface}:${tag}";
} else {
# FIXME this is fake -- we don't and can't know the monitoring URL
# (if any) for the remote end. But the monitoring database defines
# it as a unique key, so we have to put something here.
$url = "https://${idomain}/info/interfacevlan/${idomain}_interface_${iface}:${tag}";
# FIXME would be nice to give interface_href, but in general we don't know
emdbi::DBQueryWarnN( $db, "REPLACE INTO ops_interfacevlan SET " .
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