Commit b885ce89 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

New script, analogous to Mike's node_traffic script. Basically, it

was driving me nuts that we do not have an easy way to see what is
going on *inside* the fabric.

So this one reports on traffic across trunk links and interconnects
out of the fabric.  Basic operation is pretty simple:

	Usage: switch_traffic [-rs] [-i seconds] [switch[:switch] ...]
	Reports traffic across trunk links and interconnects
	-h          This message
	-i seconds  Show stats over a <seconds>-period interval

So with no arguments will give portstats style output of all trunk
links and interconnects in the database. Trunk links are aggregate
numbers of all of the trunk wires that connect two switches.

The -i option gives traffic over an interval, which is much more
useful than the raw packet numbers, since on most of our switches
those numbers have probably rolled over a few times.

You can optionally specify specific switches and interconnects on the
command line. For example:

boss> wap switch_traffic -i 10 cisco3 ion
Trunk                    InOctets      InUpkts   InNUpkts   ...
----------------------------------------------------------- ...
cisco3:cisco10                128            0          1   ...
cisco3:cisco8                2681            7          4   ...
cisco3:cisco1                4493           25          7   ...
cisco3:cisco9                 192            0          1   ...
cisco3:cisco4                 128            0          2   ...
pg-atla:ion                     0            0          0   ...
pg-hous:ion                     0            0          0   ...
pg-losa:ion                     0            0          0   ...
pg-salt:ion                  2952            0         42   ...
pg-wash:ion                     0            0          0   ...

NOTE that the above output is abbreviated so it does not wrap in the
git log, but you get the idea.

Or you can specify a specific trunk link:

	boss> wap switch_traffic -i 10 cisco3:cisco8

Okay this is all pretty basic and eventually it would be nice to take
these numbers and feed them into mrtg or rrdtool so we can view pretty
graphs, but this as far as I can take it for now.

Maybe in the short term it would be enough to record the numbers every
5 minutes or so and put the results into a file.
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......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ SBIN_SCRIPTS = vlandiff vlansync withadminprivs export_tables \
grabswitchconfig backupswitches cvsinit checkquota \
spewconlog opsdb_control newnode suchown archive_list \
wanodecheckin wanodecreate spewimage \
anonsendmail epmodeset fixexpinfo node_traffic \
anonsendmail epmodeset fixexpinfo node_traffic switch_traffic \
dumpdescriptor subboss_tftpboot_sync testbed-control \
archive-expinfo grantfeature emulabfeature addblob readblob \
prereserve grantimage getimages localize_mfs \
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