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Added a note about setting the executable bit on rc.d scripts.

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......@@ -258,13 +258,14 @@ process. boot process. You can ensure this by changing directories to
'' to ''. Furthermore, dhcpd needs to start
before proxydhcp, so rename '' to ''. You will also need to
install the '' and '' scripts (in the rc.d directory of
the testbed tree)
the testbed tree.) Make sure that these scripts are executable (chmod +x),
so that they'll get executed at system startup time.
Apache - You should have installed apache with mod_ssl, and php3 (NOTE: Version
3.0.17 is known to have broken file uploading support. Use 3.0.16 or 3.0.18 -
newer versions are likely to work as well.) We have an auto-generated config
file that you can install by changing to the apache subdir of your build tree
and running 'gmake install'. Some apache installtions may expect to find their
and running 'gmake install'. Some apache installations may expect to find their
config file at /usr/local/etc/apache/httpd.conf, rather than apache.conf (where
ours gets installed.) Just symlink apache.conf to httpd.conf if you have
trouble with this. Also our config file expects to find SSL certificates in:
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