Commit b7ef5488 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Move elabinelab() above the __DATA__ symbol cause of a flaw

in the Experiment definition of AUTOLOAD; that slot exists in
two tables by different names. Ick.
parent a34fd36c
......@@ -336,13 +336,15 @@ sub Stringify($)
return "[Experiment: $pid/$eid]";
# Keep this above @SELFLOADER_DATA@ ... elabinelab is a slot in
# the stats stats record, but was not being updated
sub elabinelab($) { return $_[0]->elab_in_elab(); }
sub dbrow($$) { return $_[0]->{'EXPT'}; }
sub locked($) { return $_[0]->expt_locked(); }
sub elabinelab($) { return $_[0]->elab_in_elab(); }
sub description($){ return $_[0]->expt_name(); }
sub creator($) { return $_[0]->expt_head_uid(); }
sub created($) { return $_[0]->expt_created(); }
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