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First useful version of idlecheck.

Current settings:
 - 4 packets/hour avg over last 24 hours (100pkts) is activity
 - use of a tty in last 24 hours is activity.
 - Latest report from slothd must be within last 120 minutes.

 - Shows all expts that are not known to be active. This includes
   expts that we don't have any information on. I plan to fix this so that
   expts that are reporting are very different from those without reports.
 - Because of the above, we're quite conservative in marking nodes
   active. When the above gets fixed, this will be better.
 - Displays unswappability. We may in some cases still want to harass
   owners of unswappable expts, since they can mark it arbitrarily.
 - Currently takes ~10 seconds to run. I plan to run the queries
   through explain and try to optimize them a little better, or even
   simplify where possible.

The output of this script is what will eventually get used in idle
view of the web page. Unless optimization makes this script run in
less than 1 second, we'll most likely need some sort of caching of
these results before being able to use them in the web page. Perhaps
stashing them in the db with the time the idleness was detected, so it
is easy to get to.
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......@@ -56,9 +56,12 @@ if (($UID != 0) && (!TBAdmin($UID))) {
# Configurable parameters
my $idlehours = 24;
my $minpph = 4; # Min packets per hour that an idle interface sends/rcvs
my $stalemin = 120; # Max minutes of staleness for latest report
# Derived params
my $minpkts = $idlehours * $minpph;
my $idlesec = $idlehours * 3600;
my $stalesec = $stalemin * 60;
my $node1="";
my $node2="";
my $node3="";
......@@ -67,15 +70,21 @@ if ($n) {
$node2="and a.node_id=\"$n\"";
my %active=();
# This query finds how many packets the non-control net interfaces
# have sent in the last $idlesec seconds, and saves it in a temporary
# table. It then aggregates that and shows a list of pid/eid (and
# maybe nodes) whose interfaces have each sent less than $minpkts
# maybe nodes) that have an interface that sent/rcvd at least $minpkts
# packets in the time period. It also makes sure to only count entries
# since they've been swapped in, and makes sure they were swapped in
# at least $idlesec seconds ago.
# The last query below finds the last reported tty use for each
# expt. It only counts reports that have been received in the last
# $stalemin minutes and that have been since the expt was swapped in,
# and only shows expts that have been used in the last $idlesec seconds.
for my $cmd ("drop table if exists idletemp;",
"create temporary table idletemp
select,r.eid, $node1
......@@ -91,24 +100,48 @@ and IP not like \"155.101.%\" $node2
group by,r.eid,a.mac;",
"select pid,eid, max(idiff), max(odiff) from idletemp
group by pid,eid $node3
having (max(idiff) <= $minpkts) and (max(odiff) <= $minpkts);",
having (max(idiff) >= $minpkts) or (max(odiff) >= $minpkts);",
"select,r.eid,max(last_tty) as lastuse ,max(tstamp) as t
from node_idlestats as n
left join reserved as r on n.node_id=r.node_id
left join experiments as e on and e.eid=r.eid
where tstamp >= expt_swapped and is not null and r.eid is not null
group by pid,eid
having (unix_timestamp(now())-unix_timestamp(t) <= 7200)
and (unix_timestamp(now())-unix_timestamp(lastuse) >= 86400)
having (unix_timestamp(now())-unix_timestamp(t) <= $stalesec)
and (unix_timestamp(now())-unix_timestamp(lastuse) <= $idlesec)
order by pid,eid,last_tty,tstamp;") {
print "Sending cmd:\n$cmd\n" if $d;
my $result = DBQueryFatal($cmd);
print $result->as_string();
if ($cmd =~ /^select /i && $result->numrows() == 0) {
# nothing that has been reporting regularly is idle...
if ($cmd =~ /^select /i && $result->numrows() > 0) {
# Add the pid/eid to our list of active expts
while(@r=$result->fetchrow()) {
print "Adding $pid/$eid to active list\n" if $d;
$active{"$pid/$eid"} = 1;
#print $result->as_string();
$cmd = "select,r.eid,swappable from reserved as r
left join experiments as e on and e.eid=r.eid
group by,r.eid order by,r.eid";
print "Sending cmd:\n$cmd\n" if $d;
my $result = DBQueryFatal($cmd);
while(@r=$result->fetchrow()) {
print "Checking for $pid/$eid in active list\n" if $d;
my $str= "$pid/$eid";
$str = $str . " " x (40-length($str));
$str .= ($idle? "inactive\t" : "\t\t" );
$str .= (!$swap? "unswappable\n" : "\n" );
if ($idle) { print $str; }
#print $result->as_string();
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