Commit b7341ce2 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Move the dbdump into a seperate directory since there might be more

then just a dump file.
parent 81c181c0
......@@ -2202,7 +2202,13 @@ sub DumpDB($)
my $archivedir = libArchive::TBUserFileArchiveDirectory($pid, $eid);
# The file is a gzipped.
my $dumpfile = "$archivedir/dbdump.gz";
my $dumpdir = "$archivedir/dbdata";
my $dumpfile = "$dumpdir/dbdump.gz";
if (! -e $dumpdir) {
mkdir($dumpdir, 0775)
or return -1;
Template::mysystem("$DBCONTROL dumpexpdb $pid $eid $dumpfile") == 0
or return -1;
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