Commit b731f652 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Update the pubsub-0.98.tar.gz hashes.

Somebody put out a new tarball.
parent 60f59bbc
MD5 (pubsub-0.9.tar.gz) = 25216f20821bb7094a1853b1771cb5b8
MD5 (pubsub-0.95.tar.gz) = 9e012e65ebb4979e99f686e5f8fa8104
MD5 (pubsub-0.98.tar.gz) = e20d85edfb4232d6e918bd6cfceba75e
MD5 (pubsub-0.98.tar.gz) = 469a834a6c062f0c7af2c829e50a6180
SHA256 (pubsub-0.95.tar.gz) = 7b8eb4f495a531454b16abb8e8399e031fa17a31e09c4ce47486cedaa3ae4410
SHA256 (pubsub-0.98.tar.gz) = 981f0c61919839c895edc9a2b4cdae792a7acecb6d215d8a2fde890f554bffe1
SHA256 (pubsub-0.98.tar.gz) = 6a8239102c65643ce19cb3b205401e1b3cd25dc1e647f32e7de88df7175dbde5
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