Commit b6f40c06 authored by Shashi Guruprasad's avatar Shashi Guruprasad
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Added Russ, Sid and Vaibhave. Moved Abhijeet to alumni.

parent 88056bcd
......@@ -42,16 +42,19 @@ FLUXPERSON("aclement", "Austin Clements");
FLUXPERSON("duerig", "Jonathon Duerig");
FLUXPERSON("shash", "Shashi Guruprasad");
FLUXPERSON("mike", "Mike Hibler");
FLUXPERSON("abhijeet", "Abhijeet Joglekar");
MAILPERSON("", "Roland Kempter");
FLUXPERSON("newbold", "Mac Newbold");
FLUXPERSON("ricci", "Robert Ricci");
FLUXPERSON("stoller", "Leigh Stoller");
FLUXPERSON("kwebb", "Kirk Webb");
FLUXPERSON("fish", "Russ Fish");
FLUXPERSON("saggarwa", "Siddharth Aggarwal");
FLUXPERSON("vaibhave", "Vaibhave Agarwal");
echo "</ul>\n";
echo "<h3>Alumni:</h3>\n";
echo "<ul>\n";
PARTFLUXPERSON("abhijeet", "Abhijeet Joglekar", "Intel");
PARTFLUXPERSON("barb", "Chad Barb", "Sensory Sweep");
PARTFLUXPERSON("sclawson", "Steve Clawson", "Alcatel");
PARTFLUXPERSON("ikumar", "Indrajeet Kumar", "Qualcomm");
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