Commit b5855d06 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

missed some stuff in the clean target

one more TODO item
parent 9b899fd7
......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ clean:
$(MAKE) -C ntfs clean; \
/bin/rm -f *.o imagezip imageunzip imagedump version.c
/bin/rm -f imagezip.tar imagezip.tar.gz
imagezip.tar.gz: imagezip.tar
gzip -c imagezip.tar > imagezip.tar.gz
......@@ -17,3 +17,5 @@ Things to do for image*:
4. Write an imageconvert so that we can convert old version images into
new ones and maybe change the compression level used in an image.
5. Imageunzip could be triple-threaded like frisbee, i.e., split the
file reading and decompression that are currently one in imageunzip.
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