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Commit b433cccb authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Fix column count for query updating bootdisk_lasttrim value.

Because this update has been failing, we have been TRIMing the d430 boot SSDs
on every reload since March 2018. Oops!
parent 72f9f70c
...@@ -5988,7 +5988,7 @@ get_node_loadinfo(tmcdreq_t *reqp, char **serverp, char **disktypep, ...@@ -5988,7 +5988,7 @@ get_node_loadinfo(tmcdreq_t *reqp, char **serverp, char **disktypep,
gettimeofday(&now, NULL); gettimeofday(&now, NULL);
if (now.tv_sec > (time_t)(trimtime + trimiv)) { if (now.tv_sec > (time_t)(trimtime + trimiv)) {
mydb_update("replace into node_attributes values " mydb_update("replace into node_attributes values "
"('%s','bootdisk_lasttrim','%u')", "('%s','bootdisk_lasttrim','%u',0)",
reqp->nodeid, (unsigned)now.tv_sec); reqp->nodeid, (unsigned)now.tv_sec);
dotrim = 1; dotrim = 1;
} }
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