Commit b2cb72f0 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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* Look for latest rc.mkelab in /usr/testbed/etc, but allow override by

  looking for /proj/$pid/exp/$eid/rc.mkelab. This file constantly
  changes, so its convenient to just copy it over (since it is the
  script that drives inner emulab creation).

* No longer copy over rc.inelab; let it get installed when the inner
  boss/ops is created, from the testbed source tree that gets copied
parent 03cf92cb
......@@ -258,17 +258,15 @@ $UID = 0;
# This is temporary. I think I will switch this over to grabbing the latest
# version from the web server.
system("scp /proj/$pid/src/testbed/tmcd/common/config/rc.mkelab ".
" ${bossnode}:/tmp");
system("scp /proj/$pid/src/testbed/tmcd/common/config/rc.mkelab ".
" ${opsnode}:/tmp");
# Still waiting for new images.
system("scp /proj/$pid/src/testbed/tmcd/common/rc.inelab ".
" ${bossnode}:/usr/local/etc/emulab/rc");
system("scp /proj/$pid/src/testbed/tmcd/common/rc.inelab ".
" ${opsnode}:/usr/local/etc/emulab/rc");
my $mkelab = "$TB/etc/rc.mkelab";
if (-e "/proj/$pid/exp/$eid/rc.mkelab") {
$mkelab = "/proj/$pid/exp/$eid/rc.mkelab";
print "Copying $mkelab to ${bossnode}/${opsnode}\n";
system("scp $mkelab ${bossnode}:/tmp");
system("scp $mkelab ${opsnode}:/tmp");
TBDebugTimeStamp("Setting up opsnode");
print "Setting up opsnode on $opsnode\n";
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