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Improved "java ain't workin'" message.

parent 9f921c35
......@@ -17,14 +17,27 @@ $isadmin = ISADMIN($uid);
echo "<applet code=\"Netbuild.class\" width=800 height=600>
<param name=exporturl
The applet should be right here. Must be an error or something.
<applet code="Netbuild.class" width=800 height=600>
<param name=exporturl
value="<?php echo $TBBASE?>/beginexp.php3">
We're sorry, NetBuild in unable to run,
as it seems your browser doesn't support Java.
You should either enable Java in your browser,
download the latest version of a Java-compliant browser
(such as Netscape or Internet Explorer,) or quit using that
browser that doesn't support Java, you hippie.
If you decide its worth it (and we think you will,) come back and enjoy NetBuild.
We'll still be here waiting for you.
- Testbed Ops
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