Commit b1e4b205 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Add logic to find the frisbee_pid field, don't use ActiveImages().

For this update script we have to be able to find the frisbee_pid field
whether it is in the images table or the frisbee_blobs table.  Where it is
depends on what version of the software we are updating from!
parent c3e5bd45
......@@ -308,12 +308,31 @@ if ($stopbed) {
$stopped = 1;
my $activeimages = Image->ActiveImages();
if (defined($activeimages)) {
my @activeimages = @{ $activeimages };
if (@activeimages) {
print "** Stopping running frisbee processes ...\n";
# XXX cannot just call Image->ActiveImages as the implementation
# changed and thus the code would not work when upgrading from a
# code base with the old implementation to one with the new.
my $table = "images";
if (!emdb::DBSlotExists("images", "frisbee_pid")) {
$table = "frisbee_blobs";
my $query_result =
emdb::DBQueryWarn("select imageid from $table where frisbee_pid!=0");
my @activeimages = ();
if ($query_result) {
while (my ($imageid) = $query_result->fetchrow_array()) {
my $image = Image->Lookup($imageid);
if (!defined($image)) {
print STDERR
"*** Could not find DB object for image $imageid\n";
push(@activeimages, $image);
if (@activeimages > 0) {
print "** Stopping running frisbee processes ...\n";
foreach my $image (@activeimages) {
my $imageid = $image->imageid();
print "-> Killing frisbee for $image ...\n";
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