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Add FAQ item on moving an image between projects.

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<li> <a href="#SWS-6">How does my software determine when other
nodes in my experiment are ready?</a>
<li> <a href="#SWS-7">Can I run my own Operating System?</a>
<li> <a href="#MovingImage">Can I share a disk image between two
<li> <a href="#SWS-8">What if I need more disk space on my nodes?</a>
<li> <a href="#SWS-9">Are there testbed-specific daemons that could
interfere with my experiment?</a>
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the <a href = "tutorial/tutorial.php3">Emulab Tutorial.</a>
<li><a NAME="MovingImage"></a>
<font size='+1'><b>
Can I share a disk image between two projects?
No. At this time you cannot share OS images between projects. We
are thinking of adding project collaboration support, but that is
a future project.
In the meantime, you will need to create an
<a href="">image
descriptor</a> in the project that wants to use your image. Fill out
the form, but leave out the "Node to Obtain Snapshot from". Then
just copy the image over to the default path it picked for you in
the form. There is more information available in the <a
href="tutorial/tutorial.php3#CustomOS">Custom OS</a> section of
the <a href = "tutorial/tutorial.php3">Emulab Tutorial.</a>
<li><a NAME="SWS-8"></a>
<font size='+1'><b>What if I need more disk space on my nodes?</b></font>
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