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Commit b0fde63d authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Change some slice attributes stuff.

parent 3ad1910a
......@@ -370,12 +370,17 @@ class PLCagent:
def AuthCheck(self):
return self.__server.AuthCheck(self.auth)
def SliceAddAttribute(self,attrname,attrvalue):
def SliceAddAttribute(self,attrname,attrvalue,node=None):
if attrname == None or attrvalue == None \
or attrname == '' or attrvalue == '':
return 0
if node:
return self.__server.AddSliceAttribute(self.auth,self.slicename,
return self.__server.AddSliceAttribute(self.auth,self.slicename,
def SiteAdd(self,name,url,longitude,latitude):
return self.__server.AddSite(self.auth,
......@@ -733,6 +738,7 @@ class mod_PLC4:
# Allow slice attributes to be set "generically" via the db
# Also see below where we add slice attributes on a per-node basis
sas = self.plc.getAttrVal("slice_attributes",required=False)
if sas:
......@@ -802,6 +808,12 @@ class mod_PLC4:
print "Failed to add nodes to slice %s" % slice.slicename
# add any per-node or per-nodegroup attributes:
# XXX: will not work as above -- need to fix above and add this
# code in a way that works with the plab_attributes table.
# XXX: this is currently locked out to pi/user roles, although the docs
# say otherwise, so we can't use it automatically yet.
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