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Commit b013f46a authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

remove static limit on number of agents (ReallyBigUn has over 1000 agents!)

parent 8b7b9b80
......@@ -41,14 +41,14 @@ static int debug;
static void cleanup(void);
static void quit(int);
#define MAXAGENTS 200
static struct {
struct agent {
char nodeid[TBDB_FLEN_NODEID];
char vnode[TBDB_FLEN_VNAME];
char objname[TBDB_FLEN_EVOBJNAME];
char objtype[TBDB_FLEN_EVOBJTYPE];
char ipaddr[32];
} agents[MAXAGENTS];
static struct agent *agents;
static int numagents;
......@@ -368,6 +368,12 @@ get_static_events(event_handle_t handle)
return 0;
nrows = mysql_num_rows(res);
agents = calloc(nrows, sizeof(struct agent));
if (agents == NULL) {
error("cannot allocate memory, too many agents (%d)\n", nrows);
return 0;
while (nrows--) {
row = mysql_fetch_row(res);
......@@ -406,9 +412,6 @@ get_static_events(event_handle_t handle)
strcpy(agents[numagents].ipaddr, ADDRESSTUPLE_ALL);
if (numagents >= MAXAGENTS) {
fatal("Too many agents!");
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