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Tweak to roadmap, more files.

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......@@ -60,5 +60,36 @@ What it does:
Who it should run as:
A script to run Linktest and report results.
Where it runs:
Nodes, ops or boss.
What it does:
Sends a START event to Linktest, then waits for the
STOP event. If errors were found, exit code is 1, else 0.
Prints out contents of error files saved by Linktest.
This script could be used by boss to run linktest when
starting up the experiment.
Important usage note: -q to skip the (time-consuming)
bandwidth test.
Who it should run as:
A program to either send an event or wait for an event.
Where it runs:
Anywhere is called, or
What it does:
Accepts command line arguments to either send or wait for
an event.
Who it should run as:
Experiment swapper when invoked by;
experimenter when invoked by
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