Commit af19935e authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Whoops! Retain backward compat for old versions of rc.frisbee which

hardwired the order of LOADINFO args.

rc.frisbee has since been fixed.
parent 0755ea22
......@@ -3742,8 +3742,8 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(doloadinfo)
bufp += OUTPUT(bufp, ebufp - bufp,
" DISK=%s%d ZFILL=%d ACPI=%s ASF=%s MBRVERS=%d\n",
disktype, disknum, zfill, useacpi, useasf, mbrvers);
" DISK=%s%d ZFILL=%d ACPI=%s MBRVERS=%d ASF=%s\n",
disktype, disknum, zfill, useacpi, mbrvers, useasf);
client_writeback(sock, buf, strlen(buf), tcp);
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