Commit aec53eb5 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Another small fix for vinterfaces on shared lans; need to link the

vinterface to the underlying vlan so that tmcd knows how to find the
vlan tag.
parent ccbb3d80
......@@ -6303,6 +6303,13 @@ sub InterpLinksAux($)
if (!defined($virtiface));
$portA = $virtiface->viface();
# The vinterface needs to link to the underlying lan
# so that tmcd can find the vlan tag. Do this here
# since we have what we need in hand.
$vinterface->Update({"vlanid" => $portvlan->lanid()});
else {
$protolan->AddInterface($nodeA, $vnodeA, $vportA, $portA);
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