Commit adc7c1ef authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Add named variables to rc.conf to force wait til "" resolves.

An inner control net for which we fix the speed, apparently takes longer
to come ready, causing early rc.d scripts like ntpd and mfrisbeed to fail
because they cannot reach to resolve names. These standard
variables tell the rc.d/named script to not return until it can resolve, thus preventing the other scripts from running til then.
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......@@ -2309,6 +2309,17 @@ sub SetupBossNode($)
print RC "ifconfig_${inner_controlif}=".
"\"inet $inner_ip netmask $inner_netmask ".
"media ${inner_speed}baseTX mediaopt full-duplex\"\n";
# Fixing the speed can cause the interface to take a while to come
# up causing DNS to not work immediately causing some startup
# operations to fail (ntp and mfrisbeed failures have been observed).
# We take advantage of a FreeBSD rc.named script option to force
# it to wait til it can resolve outer boss.
print RC "named_wait=\"YES\"\n";
print RC "named_wait_host=\"$bossname\"\n";
print RC "network_interfaces=\"\$network_interfaces lo0\"\n";
print RC "static_routes=\"outerboss vnodes\"\n";
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