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Notes on setting up glimpse stuff.

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This describes my webglimpse experience. What a mess!
First off, install the /usr/ports/www/webglimpse package. I came up
two problems with this. First off is the cgi setup in the httpd.conf
file was pointing at /usr/local/share instead of /usr/local/www.
After I fixed that, I went to /usr/local/www and cleaned it out a bit
(remove cgi-bin stuff and data links).
Next, the webglimpse/wginstall perl program is broken. Some mkdir had
to be commnented out. It also crapped out chmoding the stuff it
installed into /usr/local/www/cgi-bin to 755. I just did it by hand
cause I don't want to mess with it.
Okay, so now its installed:
cd /usr/testbed
mkdir webglimpse
cd webglimpse
Answer the questions. Pretty obvious, although you want D(directory)
searching, and you want to store the files in /usr/testbed/webglimpse,
but you want to *search* /usr/testbed/www.
Next edit .wgfilter-inde and add these lines at the top to keep
from indexing the source code and other stuff we do not want to leak out.
Deny (^|/)webglimpse
Allow \.html?$
Deny .*
Now run wgreindex in that directory again.
Next edit archive.cfg and change the urlpath line:
Now for the really ugly one. We need to arrange for the files to go
through the doc wrappers! That means editing the webglimpse perl code
in one spot. In /usr/local/www/webglimpse/lib/, change
the makeLinkOutput function to this:
sub makeLinkOutput {
my $self = shift;
my($link, $title, $date) = @_;
if ($link =~ /^(.*)\/(.*\..*)$/) {
$link = "$main::urlpath/$1/docwrapper.php3?docname=$2\n";
my $retstring = "<hr><b><A HREF=\"".$link."\">";
$retstring .= $title."</A></b>, $date<br>\n";
return $retstring;
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