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......@@ -6,15 +6,68 @@ NOTE: See the file RESTRICTED-RIGHTS for restrictions on this interim
snapshot. In summary, for now you can't redistribute it or use it for
commercial purposes.
Copy and localize the 'defs-default' file for your environment
and run ./configure.
This is a snapshot, not a formal distribution, so don't expect
great documentation. See the files in the 'doc' directory.
To get started, see doc/setup*.
great documentation.
doc/* contains documentation for developers.
www/*.html and www/doc/*.html contain end-user documentation.
(www/faq.html will be especially valuable to those unfamiliar with the system.)
- The Database maintains most testbed state.
- LibDB (db/ is the main DB interface for testbed software.
- sql/database-create.sql contains the DB schema.
- The Web Interface (www/*) is the primary means of managing the system.
- startexp (tbsetup/ is the backend for experiment creation;
Important scripts it calls include tbprerun (tbsetup/
and tbswap (tbsetup/
- ns2ir (tbsetup/ns2ir/*) converts NS files to DB state (via TCL).
- assign (assign/*) maps experiments to available hardware.
- snmpit (tbsetup/ configures VLANs on switch hardware.
- frisbee (os/frisbee.redux/*) uses multicast to rapidly deploy disk images.
- tmcd (tmcd/*) is contacted by nodes as they boot up, to get configuration.
- capture and console (capture/*, tip/*) provide serial line access to nodes.
account - Account creation and management
apache - Apache HTTPD configuration
assign - Resource allocation software
capture - Node serial line server software
cdrom - Configuration files for remote nodes
db - Variety of interfaces to testbed state
dhcpd - DHCPD configuration
discvr - Topology discovery software
doc - Documentation (mainly internal)
event - Event System
hw_config - Configuration for network hardware
install - Site installation scripts
ipod - "Ping of Death" software
ir - NS-to-database interpreter (in TCL)
lib - C++ database interface library
os - Software for saving/distributing images (incl. Frisbee)
patches - Patches needed to compile software
pxe - Intel PXE support
security - Tools for secure boss node access
sensors - Node monitoring daemons
sql - Database schema and initialization
ssl - SSL Certificate configurations
sysadmin - Apache Log Roller
tbsetup - Experiment creation and manipulation
testsuite - Automated testing suite
tip - Node serial line client software
tmcd - Testbed master control daemon (for node configuration)
tools - pcapper tool
utils - Testbed configuration and maintenence tools
vis - Experiment visualization
www - Web Interface / User Documentation
For help and to report bugs and problems, mail
......@@ -27,3 +80,4 @@ for "big picture" issues and problems.
Jay Lepreau,, 801-581-4285
December 2, 2002
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