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More tweaks.

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......@@ -153,3 +153,17 @@ your desktop or from <tt>users</tt>. link_config proj=myproj exp=myexp
link=lan0 "params={'accesspoint': '00:09:5B:94:26:AF'}"
You may also change the settings for an individual node in a wireless
lan (although in some cases this could make the lan unusable if you
were to change a setting on just a single node). To do this, use the
<tt>-s</tt> option to link_config or the <tt>src</tt> argument to the
XMLRPC interface:
link_config -s nodew1 myproj myexp lan0 txpower=50 link_config proj=myproj exp=myexp
src=nodew1 link=lan0 "params={'txpower': 50}"
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