Commit ac1bce40 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Add another index to linkdelays to improve lookups

parent ebadab1c
......@@ -1181,7 +1181,8 @@ CREATE TABLE linkdelays (
q_droptail int(11) default '0',
q_red tinyint(4) default '0',
q_gentle tinyint(4) default '0',
PRIMARY KEY (node_id,vlan,vnode)
PRIMARY KEY (node_id,vlan,vnode),
KEY id (pid,eid)
......@@ -3296,3 +3296,6 @@ last_net_act,last_cpu_act,last_ext_act);
alter table experiments add index (state);
4.51: Another index to improve lookup in linkdelays.
alter table linkdelays add index id (pid,eid);
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