Commit ab0e8a0d authored by Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong
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Reinstate the detection and update of stale slice expiry times.

This was introduced in commit 1aa4572f and reverted in
parent 69376200
......@@ -2287,20 +2287,18 @@ sub Credential2SliceAggregate($)
"Duplicate slice URN already exists here"));
if ($credential->expires() gt $slice->expires()) {
# The credential presented lasts longer than we thought the
# slice did: our expiry date must have been stale. This can
# happen because the SA is always free to extend the lifetime
# of a slice, and is not required to tell us.
# If the slice has already expired, then the expiration daemon will
# take care of this, and lets not get in the way of that.
# The user needed to renew the slice to prevent it.
# If not expired, still do nothing; it is up to the user to renew
# the sliver.
# This is important, because we use the slice expiry time
# for a whole bunch of validity checks. Requiring the user
# to renew their sliver is not sufficient, because they might
# not even HAVE a sliver (and if we don't keep the slice
# expiry time right, they might not have permission to create
# one, either).
$slice->SetExpiration( $credential->expires() );
$aggregate = GeniAggregate->SliceAggregate($slice);
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