Commit a9d3d50a authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Fix for VGAONLY; the frisbee mfs is looking in /etc/testbed, not

/etc/emulab. So stick the isvgaonly file in both places!
parent 93242b9e
......@@ -248,9 +248,20 @@ sub LocalizeBSD()
# We should have a more general way to set the console on a per
# node basis.
if ($MFSCONSOLE eq "vga" &&
ExecQuiet("$CP /dev/null $mpoint/etc/emulab/isvgaonly")) {
goto bad;
if ($MFSCONSOLE eq "vga") {
ExecQuiet("$CP /dev/null $mpoint/etc/emulab/isvgaonly") == 0
or goto bad;
# Fix for a messup on the MFS.
if (-e "$mpoint/etc/testbed" &&
ExecQuiet("$CP /dev/null $mpoint/etc/testbed/isvgaonly")) {
goto bad;
else {
if (-e "$mpoint/etc/emulab/isvgaonly");
if (-e "$mpoint/etc/testbed/isvgaonly");
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