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Update /etc/default/xen for the XL tool stack.
Comment out xend start/stop/restart /etc/init.d/xen
*** brdige-utils.
apt-get install bridge-utils.
*** install kpartx
*** install isc-dhcp-server
*** install ethtool
**** Symlinks in /boot to the current kernel/ramdisk to use for XEN-STD.
cd /boot
sudo ln -s vmlinuz-3.2.46 vmlinuz-xenU
sudo ln -s initrd.img-3.2.46 initrd-xenU
*** Create /usr/lib/xen-default symlink.
Add this to /etc/defaults/grub
GRUB_CMDLINE_XEN_DEFAULT="dom0_mem=512M gnttab_max_nr_frames=64"
then run update-grub
Set the default kernel in grub.cfg.
Change default toolstack.
Create /usr/lib/xen-default symlink.
install bridge-utils
Install openvswitch and run depmod
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