Commit a845150f authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Add a new attribute to for lans; alias to another lan. This allows us

to handle things like lan "default" and lan "DEFAULT_VLAN" having the
same tag.
parent cf346e0e
......@@ -2814,6 +2814,50 @@ sub IsInternal($)
return 0;
# Mark/Get the "alias" bit on a vlan. These are vlans that are
# an alias of another vlan. This happens cause different switch
# have internal names for the same vlan tag. For example, vlan
# tag 1 is default and DEFAULT_VLAN. But only one can have an
# entry in the reserved_vlantags ans vlans table, since they assume
# that the tag is a unique key (and this is how it should be).
sub SetAlias($$)
my ($self, $vlan) = @_;
return $self->GetLan()->SetAttribute("alias", $vlan->lanid());
sub IsAlias($)
my ($self) = @_;
my $lanid;
return $lanid
if ($self->GetAttribute("alias", \$lanid) == 0);
return 0;
sub GetAliases($)
my ($self) = @_;
my $lanid = $self->lanid();
my @aliases = ();
my $query_result =
DBQueryWarn("select lanid from lan_attributes ".
"where attrkey='alias' and attrvalue='$lanid'");
return undef
if (!$query_result);
while (my ($alias) = $query_result->fetchrow_array()) {
my $vlan = VLan->Lookup($alias);
# What happens if its gone?
push(@aliases, $vlan)
if (defined($vlan));
return @aliases;
# Check to see if we think the VLAN actually exists on any switches at the
# moment (ie. has a vlans table entry).
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