Commit a7db46ed authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Revert previous revision, it seems to have exposed a different problem.

I think I still need this fix, but need to fix related problem first.

This reverts commit 07510acc.
parent 07510acc
......@@ -2006,14 +2006,22 @@ sub SetBootOS($$)
my @images = @{$self->GetImages($nodeobject)};
# When loading multiple images, use the osimage from the
# last image. We no longer do multi-os images.
# last image
my $image = $images[-1];
my $imageid = $image->imageid();
print "$self SetBootOS($node_id): changing default OS to $image\n";
my $defosid = $image->default_osid();
my $osimage = OSImage->Lookup($defosid);
if (!defined($osimage)) {
tberror("$self SetBootOS($node_id): could not map OSID $defosid to its object!");
return -1;
print "$self SetBootOS($node_id): changing default OS to $osimage\n";
if (!$TESTMODE) {
if ($nodeobject->OSSelect($image,"def_boot_osid",$self->debug())) {
tberror "$self SetBootOS($node_id): os_select $image failed!";
tberror "$self SetBootOS($node_id): os_select $defosid failed!";
return -1;
......@@ -2027,7 +2035,7 @@ sub SetBootOS($$)
$ocmdline = $nodeobject->def_boot_cmd_line();
$ocmdline = ""
if (!defined($ocmdline));
$image->OSBootCmd("delay", \$ncmdline);
$osimage->OSBootCmd("delay", \$ncmdline);
$ncmdline = ""
if (!defined($ncmdline));
if ($ocmdline ne $ncmdline) {
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