Commit a79f41a9 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

When syncing (-X) vlans, create the stack using switches in that vlan

only instead of all of the vlans in the pid,eid, and later culling them.
parent bcd273c1
......@@ -905,9 +905,12 @@ COMMAND: foreach my $command (@commands) {
(/synctables/) && do {
# We operate on all stacks on which we think VLANs do, or should,
# exist.
my @oldvlans = ();
@vlans = getExperimentVlans($pid,$eid,@optvlanids);
my @oldvlans;
if (!@optvlanids) {
# No old or new vlans, then skip all of this.
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