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Fix some text about webdb that is now out of date.

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......@@ -147,13 +147,10 @@ on the end of the address, to match the entire subnet). You can have as
many 'allow' lines as you want. Restart apache.
Next, you'll need to specify which users have the ability to edit the database.
This is done with the 'dbedit' column in the users table. When we automate
user creation, we'll add a way to set this when the user is created.
This is done with the 'dbedit' column in the users table. You can turn on
a user's dbedit bit like so:
Now, you'll need to specify which tables are editable from the web interface.
This is to protect against accidental database damage, as mentioned in the
warning above. We'll soon provide contents for this table
(webdb_table_permissions) with the testbed software.
echo 'update users set dbedit=1 where uid="<username>"' | mysql tbdb
##### Step 3 - Setup switches
##### Local Only
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