Commit a6d06a47 authored by Weibin Sun's avatar Weibin Sun
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A comment is added to to remind me or future maintainer

to keep in mind the possible change of the OF listener OID.
parent 0e278b7e
......@@ -57,6 +57,9 @@ my $ofEnableOID = $ofOID.'.1.1.2';
my $ofControllerOID = $ofOID.'.1.1.3';
my $ofListenerOID = $ofOID.'.1.1.4';
my $ofSupportOID = $ofOID.'.2.1.0';
# This string is enough now, but the Openflow OID may change in future.
# The maintainers should keep in mind of this ID.
my $ofListenerVarNameMarker = '';
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